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The four steps for a Solarigo PPA Solution


First, based on your electricity consumption profile, we determine which size of solar power plant would be most profitable for your property. Similarly, we will map out how large a system is possible for the property. Book mapping


We make an offer for the energy generated by the solar power plant. Typically, the energy generation can cover 10–20% of a property's annual electricity use.



We make a contract to build a solar power plant on your property and sell the energy produced to you. The contract period is typically 15 years and we will invoice you on a monthly basis based on actual production.


If you stop operating in the property before the end of the contract, we will be flexible in agreeing on the changed terms. You will not have to pay for electricity that you are not using yourself.



Our project manager will contact you to start your solar power plant project. Delivery time for a solar power plant is typically 8–12 weeks from order confirmation. Implementation will be on a turnkey basis.


You can focus on your core business throughout the installation project.



The SOLARIGO PPA solution includes all maintenance, servicing, monitoring and upgrading of the solar power plant. The customer only pays the electricity bill and enjoys the output of the solar power plant, which you can monitor in real time with your own login.


We carry out an annual on-site maintenance inspection.

We react quickly to any potential disruptions through automatic remote monitoring of the solar power plant.



Solarigo PPA Solution

The customer doesn’t have to do anything to the solar power plant. We are responsible for the construction, operation, maintenance, servicing and upgrading of the solar power plant.

Do we need to do anything to the solar power plant during the contract period?

No, there aren’t. You only pay the agreed price for the production of the solar power plant.

Are there any other additional costs in the contract price?

Typically, the contract period is 15 years, but 10- to 20-year contracts are also possible. The contract period will affect the quoted price.

What contract periods are possible?

The customer has the option to buy the solar power plant from us or to extend the contract with us. If you don't want to do either, we will dismantle the plant and it will not be your responsibility.

What happens at the end of the contract period?

We agree flexibly on this with you. In any case, you will not have to pay for the energy generated by the solar power plant if you are not using it yourself.

What if we stop operating in the property during the contract period?

After 5 years, the customer can buy the solar power plant. We can give you a redemption price table in advance.

Can we buy the solar power plant during the contract period?

The flexible price follows your alternative cost of electricity, which takes into account the hourly SPOT price of electricity + electricity transmission charges in your area + your company's electricity tax. For this alternative electricity cost, we offer a discount in the flexible price model.


The fixed price, with an annual increase, is based on the long-term increase in electricity market price.


The price per bid is mainly influenced by the investment cost of the solar power plant made by Solarigo, the production forecast of the solar power plant and the length of the contract period.

What is Solarigo's pricing based on?


Book a free solar energy mapping for your business property and we will contact you.


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In the SOLARIGO PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) solution, the customer receives a solar power plant, which Solarigo builds, finances and owns. We offer 100% renewable solar electricity from the power plant to your property with a 15–20 year contract on a full-service basis. The customer only pays for the energy produced by the solar power plant and nothing else. A competitive flexible or fixed price for electricity is agreed in advance.


The SOLARIGO PPA solution is a turnkey service. In addition to building the solar power plant, we also take care of the operation, maintenance and servicing of the system. We will also be responsible for any new and replacement investments throughout the contract period and guarantee the qualityin accordance with the ISO 9001 certification.

Solar plant for businesses



Solarigo invests and

installs solar plant



15-20 year power

purchase agreement



Customer pays only

for produced energy



Solarigo takes care of

operations and maintenance





The customer pays only for the energy produced by the solar power plant. Local energy generation is free from grid operator cost and free from electricity tax if the annual production is less than 800MWh/year. Solarigo takes care of the funding and all life cycle costs of the solar power plant. 


Periodically reviewed pricing model

A fixed price is agreed for solar energy, which is adjusted every calendar year during the contract period by a inflation factor agreed in advance. The price revision is comparable to historical increase in the total cost of industrial electricity.


Predictability of electricity costs and protection against strong fluctuations.


Pricing model linked to the market

The price of solar energy is linked to the cost you would have to pay if you bought electricity from the grid. The reference cost includes the hourly exchange price of electricity, transmission charges and electricity tax. We offer a discount on this cost.


The price of energy produced by a solar power plant is always lower than the alternative cost.

Aurinkovoimalan hankinnassa on paljon huomioitavia tekijöitä. Vahvan kokemuksen myötä pystymme vastaamaan asiakkaidemme erilaisiin tarpeisiin ja toiveisiin. Nämä liittyvät usein esimerkiksi aurinkovoimaloiden taloudellisuuteen, vastuullisuuteen, asiantuntemukseen, turvallisuuteen ja helppouteen. Tutustu alta referenssiemme tarinoihin.


Asiakkaidemme monipuolisia aurinkosähköratkaisuja


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