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Aurinkovoimalan hankinnassa on paljon huomioitavia tekijöitä. Vahvan kokemuksen myötä pystymme vastaamaan asiakkaidemme erilaisiin tarpeisiin ja toiveisiin. Nämä liittyvät usein esimerkiksi aurinkovoimaloiden taloudellisuuteen, vastuullisuuteen, asiantuntemukseen, turvallisuuteen ja helppouteen. Tutustu alta referenssiemme tarinoihin.


Asiakkaidemme monipuolisia aurinkosähköratkaisuja


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Key factors



Roof-mounted solar energy systems are typically very cost-effective. Solar panels can be installed on flat and pitched roofs on all roof surfaces.


Wall installation is a striking solution that is suitable for the facade of a property, for example. Wall installations have slightly higher costs than other methods.


Ground installation is a good solution for large-scale solar power system implementations. Installation can be done on flat or levelled ground, or on a slope.



Correct sizing of the solar energy system is important for optimising the profitability of solar energy production. The aim is to use the electricity on your own property and not sell too much of it to the grid.


Own use saves both the purchase price of electricity, as well as electricity tax and transmission fees. Selling energy to the grid usually only gets you the exchange price of the electricity. Solarigo sizes its solar energy systems so that the customer can use the majority of the energy on their own property.


Solar energy system output typically replaces 10–20% of the electricity purchased from the grid. The cost of the electricity to be compensated consists of electricity, transmission charges and electricity tax. You do not pay transmission fees for the electricity generated by the solar energy system to your property, and the same goes typically for electricy tax as well.


When purchasing a solar energy system, it is important to calculate the price of the electricity purchased from the grid that will be replaced by solar energy. Electricity is most expensive during the day, when solar panels also produce the most energy.


As a general principle, the more electricity your property consumes during the day and in the summer, the more viable an option solar power is.


The geographical location of a solar power system has a significant impact on the profitability of solar energy production. Important factors to take into account are solar radiation levels, nearby seas, rain and snow.


The price of a solar energy system consists of components, logistics, planning and installation. The payback period for a solar energy system supplied by Solarigo is typically around 8–13 years in Finland.


In addition to the purchase of the solar plant, maintenance and servicing costs must be taken into account. In the SOLARIGO EPC solution these are the responsibility of the customer. The customer can choose the SOLARIGO EASY ALL maintenance service and leave the maintenance of the system in the hands of professionals.


Solarigo EPC Solution

Our installation guarantee covers all faults in the installation of the solar energy system. EASY ALL maintenance service customers receive a comprehensive installation guarantee for the duration of the contract. Ask our sales staff for more information!

What is Solarigo's installation guarantee?

Component guarantees come from our suppliers. We select the best possible components for your property on a site-by-site basis. Our solar panels come from major manufacturers and we have found them to be of the highest quality in our own power plants. With good planning and the work of trained installers, solar energy systems really do work. We will be happy to tell you more about component guarantees.

What is Solarigo's component guarantee?

The payments for a solar energy system are linked to different stages of delivery. Our funding partner can offer a financing option. Ask our sales staff for more information!

What payment options does Solarigo offer?

The typical payback period for our systems is around 8–13 years in Finland.

How long is the payback period for a solar energy system?


Become a renewable solar electricity producer with your own solar power plant